Elections to the Cochrane Governing Board 2021: Nomination

Candidates stand for election by their fellow Cochrane Members.

Candidates standing for election must submit their nomination by email to elections@cochrane.org, by the deadline of the end of the day on Sunday 24 October in any time zone.

Your nomination must include:

  1. A completed Elected Member Candidate Statement, which includes a declaration of potential conflicts of interest, including direct and indirect conflicts, professional relationships to other members of the Board, and other boards you may sit on.
  2. The names of two Cochrane Members acting as 'nominators' for you as the candidate1.
  3. A recent photograph (headshot) if you want to include one2.

Your Candidate Statement, photograph, and names of your nominators will be published on the Cochrane website(s) during the elections process. The Candidate Statements and photographs of elected members will remain on the website for the duration of their terms on the Board. For this reason, the Candidate Statement document template must be used; and full addresses, email addresses and/or unencrypted e-signatures excluded.

Your Candidate Statement must specify your skills and experience against the published list of desired skills and experience identified by the Board. This list may be amended from time to time, but not during an election.

Candidate names will be announced on the Cochrane website(s) following the nomination deadline, in alphabetical order by family name, alongside nominator names. Those standing for re-election will be identified. In this election, candidates who are 30 years old or under on 29 November 2021 will be identified. There will be a period of time between the nomination deadline and the opening of voting to allow any disputes about eligibility to be resolved.


All members as defined by the Cochrane Membership scheme will be entitled to vote. Every member has one vote for each position available, so in this case they will have five votes in total. The five candidates with the highest number of votes will be declared elected, except that if none of the top five candidates are 30 years old or under on 29 November 2021, the fifth position will be awarded to the candidate who has the highest number of votes from those candidates who are 30 years old or younger.

The election will be conducted electronically via this website, and will be overseen by Lucie Binder, Head of Governance and Strategy and Electoral Officer for this election.

Contact elections@cochrane.org for any questions or queries.

1 Nominators are not permitted to provide letters of support for candidates. They must be Cochrane Members, but they do not have to be in a leadership position in the organization.

2 Headshots are permitted and are optional. The aim of allowing photos is to increase the visibility of candidates and interest in the elections.