Board Elections 2017

Election of internal members of the Governing Board: Voting now open

Voting for the 2017 election of two internal members to the Cochrane Governing Board is now open as of Monday 3 July 2017, and will remain open until Monday 24 July 2017. The following four candidates are standing for election, and their candidate statements and letters of support are provided below:

Governing Board members are Cochrane’s directors and trustees, and are elected to direct the strategy and policies of the organization. All candidates standing for internal election will compete in a single field for the two positions available; there are no separate categories of internal Board members, or representation of specific constituencies.

How do I vote?
All Cochrane contributors are invited to vote in this election, whether you are an author of a Cochrane Review, an editor, a peer reviewer, a translator, a trainer, staff, or one of our many other valued contributors. Eligibility to vote is based on the records kept in our Archie database. If you’re not sure if you are eligible to vote, you can check your eligibility by following the instructions below to access the voting form.

Please login to your Cochrane Account to access the voting form Login

If you do not already have a Cochrane Account (the same as your Archie or RevMan login), follow the prompts on the login page to create one (using the name and email address Cochrane uses to contact you). There is also a link on this page to reset your password if you have forgotten it. If you are not eligible to vote, a message will be displayed. If you have any queries about or difficulties with the voting process, please contact

For more information on Governing Board elections, please see the Board membership policy and electoral procedure.