Author representative

Voting for candidates to represent Authors on the new Cochrane Council has now concluded. We warmly congratulate Julie Brown and MarĂ­a Ximena Rojas Reyes, who have been elected. Sincere thanks go to all the candidates who stood in this first election; their contribution and willingness to volunteer their time is greatly appreciated. A full breakdown of results is available upon request from

The Council will first meet on Thursday 6th April at the Mid-Year meeting in Geneva, concluding the day with a joint meeting of the Council and Governing Board. Julie and Maria will report back to Authors on the outcomes of the meeting. For future meetings a process for getting Author input on agenda items and issues that Authors want to see discussed at Council level will be established.

Mona Nasser
Cochrane Author, former Author representative on the Steering Group and current member of the Governing Board

Denise Thomson
Chair of the Governance Review Working Group* and member of the Governing Board

*Current Working Group members: Denise Thomson, Lisa Bero, Joerg Meerpohl.