Thank you for voting in the recent election for new members of the Cochrane Governing Board. Over 1200 people voted and over 4000 votes were cast.

We’re delighted to announce that the following four candidates have been elected:

Thank you to all the candidates who stood in this election, your contributions and willingness to serve Cochrane in this way are greatly appreciated.

The full vote count is:

BANERJEE, Kushal55
BONFILL, Xavier503Elected
EKE, Ahizechukwu Chigoziem273
FINESTONE, Sandra165
GAJEWSKI, Jerzy B.49
GREEN, Sally640Elected
GUPTA, Deepak Kumar75
JORDAN, Vanessa264
JØRGENSEN, Karsten Juhl380Elected
KHALIL, Hanan69
LIM, Blanche153
PARDO PARDO, Jordi399Elected
QASEEM, Amir162
RAY, Sujoy45
ROSENFELD, Richard168

In total, 1237 people voted and cast 4044 votes.

Questions about any aspects of the elections process can be raised with Lucie Binder, Senior Advisor to the CEO (Governance & Management) and Electoral Officer for this election.