Elections to the Cochrane Board and Council 2018: Results

Dear Cochrane Members,

Thank you for voting in the recent Cochrane elections!

We are delighted to announce the results:

  • Nicky Cullum has been elected as a member of the Governing Board. Nicky is Co-ordinating Editor of the Cochrane Wounds Group and is based in Manchester, UK
  • Agustín Ciapponi has been elected as an Author representative on the Cochrane Council. Agustín is an author on over 20 Cochrane Reviews and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you're attending the forthcoming Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh, 16-18 September, you're invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on 17 September, and meet the members of the Board and Council. More information about the AGM will be sent to you soon.

Thank you to all the candidates who stood in these elections. The vote count for the Board election is available below and for the Council election upon request by email to elections@cochrane.org.

Learn more about the Governing Board and Council on the Cochrane Community website.

Vote count for the Governing Board election:

CandidateNumber of Votes
EKE, Ahizechukwu89
GUPTA, Deepak24
HOOFT, Lotty102

Questions about any aspects of this election can be raised with Lucie Binder, Senior Advisor to the CEO (Governance & Management) and Electoral Officer for these elections.